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Emergency Repair

Emergency roof repair handles roof leaks when they strike. Mother Nature doesn’t stop for nights and weekends, so neither do we. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with storm damage repair that can’t wait. When water comes pouring in your home, call us for help.


Stop leaks before they start
with hail damage repair
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Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency calls don’t always come on the heels of severe weather.

While storm damage repair is extremely common, other events can

cause you to need our residential or commercial roofing services.

Age, poor maintenance and even poor installation can all cause

sudden leaks. And when something happens on Friday night, you

can’t wait until Monday morning for help. That’s why we’re here.


Roof Leak Repair

Many times, homeowners notice a small leak in their roof while it’s raining. While it’s good for us to come out and take care of that as soon as possible, it’s not something that needs to be handled in the middle of the night. But when water comes pouring in and has no sign of stopping or your roof has been punctured, you need emergency roof repair fast.

As rooftops age, they can become weakened and in some cases, brittle and cracked. Over time, water can penetrate into these spaces. While they may start out as small leaks, they can turn into one giant leak in the blink of an eye. If your roofing materials have not been properly maintained or were not installed well, they are even more vulnerable.

Storm Damage Repair

More commonly, emergency roof repair is needed when a storm moves through your community. High winds, heavy rains and hail impose harsh conditions that even the sturdiest and well-maintained rooftops cannot withstand. Whether you’ve had tree limbs puncture the surface, shingles torn off from wind or extensive hail damage that’s causing leaks, we can handle a variety of materials like shingles, tile and metal.

Hail damage repair and other emergency roof repair services are covered by many insurance policies. But insurance companies aren’t always keen on handing out money, so it can be difficult to get your claim accepted. They have strict processes that have to be followed in a certain time frame with specific documentation and specific damages. As if having a giant leak in your roof isn’t stressful enough, dealing with the claim can make it worse.

We represent our clients and handle the entire insurance claim process. We’ve got years of experience doing so and know exactly how the process works. When you call us for emergency roof repair that is caused by weather or something else covered on your insurance, we will quickly secure the leak to ensure the damage doesn’t spread.

Once that’s complete, we will document all the damage carefully with written reports and photo evidence with time stamps. We can help you through all the paperwork and even walk the surface with your insurance adjuster. Through our assistance, you may only have to pay your deductible.

No one looks forward to emergency roof repairs, but when you need them, you can count on us being there. We’re licensed, insured and highly rated on Home Advisor and with the BBB. We provide emergency roof repair in Jackson, Savannah, Humboldt, McKenzie, Lexington, Martin, Union City or other surrounding areas.