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 Our Team

Micheal Newsom – Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mike is a born and raised native of West TN with 14 years in the Construction and Storm Restoration Industry. Mike began his restoration career with hurricane Katrina back in 2005, and has assisted hundreds of home owners with successfully negotiating millions of dollars of insurance claims. Since 2005 Mike has worked with catastrophic storms including hail, wind, tornado, hurricanes, and floods in 13 states across North America. If you would like help facilitating your insurance claim contact Mike at 731-588-4531.

Winning SuperBowl MVP Peyton Manning and Vice President of Sales Mike Newsom

David Boothe

For over forty years David Boothe has been explaining complex ideas to everyone including people visiting nuclear plants, homeowners, and Sunday school children. Hundreds have told him they never understood something until he explained it. It’s a good thing he can do that since most of his work has involved marketing and he’s just never been what most people think of as a “salesman”. A graduate of Clemson University, a published writer/photographer this guy will find a way to make everything clear to you in a comfortable, friendly way.